Open source air quality monitor


What's ETER?

It's a project that measures air quality using low-cost open source devices that we build ourselves. We want more people to learn about the potential of open source hardware for community science so they can start their own projects.

If you want to know why measuring air quality is important, click here.

We build open source devices that measure particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5 y PM10) in the air

We design an online game to disseminate community science resources

We develop and document workshops where we build the devices

Where do we work?

We started working with teachers and community members of Area Reconquista, Buenos Aires, but other communities started to show interest in becoming ETER nodes, such as Las Higueras, in Córdoba and Mendoza (Laboratorio de Fabricación Digital - UTN Mendoza), both in Argentina.

Área Reconquista, Buenos Aires

Credit: Iconoclasistas


Main repository

General info on the project, status, updates


Hardware & Software

Info on how to build a device



Info on the divulgation game



Documentation on the schedule, organisation and content of workshops



ETER is the result of very different people gathered at R'lyeh, a hacklab or community-operated horizontal space in Buenos Aires, where we meet, socialize and collaborate around technology projects with a free software philosophy approach. ETER is also inspired in previous MACA project.

We have the support of Universidad Nacional de San Martín (UNSAM), the artists' collective Aerocene and the financial support of Mozilla Science, and proud members of the Global Open Science Hardware Movement, GOSH.


If you have any questions or you want to collaborate with ETER in any way, drop us an email at

/etermonitor @etermonitor